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Hello friend!
I am very grateful that you have found for me your time to read about my desires)
My profession is artist - painter-teacher. I would love to have time in my life to do more good deeds and and to bring more joy. 20 years of my life I worked in an art school teacher, taught children to draw and arts and crafts. Now I want to do something useful for the world, to create something beautiful, I don't need glory, it is important that I could help at least a little bit of your soul become happier.
I live in a very beautiful country, in the Republic of Belarus.
Since childhood I read many books and scientific works on philosophy, mysticism, all about space, mysterious, esoteric. So if you have postcards on these topics can be sent to me. I will be very happy!

My friends are artists and photographers with me opened our store copyright cards. The store where many many of our cards can be viewed here.

I actively collect stamps, maxicards and Premier Jour (Topics: dolls, toys, beautiful glassware, flora and fauna, fairy tales and cartoons, architecture and nature, post and transport, space and folklore.). I would be grateful if you send a letter - a surprise gift of beautiful stamps, maxicard or Premier jour). If you want, I can send you the same in return. Write me about it in private message, or leave me your contact email here in the comments. Then I'll write you herself. If you have a lot of stamps you have received on the envelope and you don't need, I'd appreciate it if you sent them to me as a gift many in the envelope. if you also love collecting stamps, then I'll send in return or as a gift, too (Write me about your wishes here in the comments, I will answer you).

I am interested in a direct swap with artists on their original cards. If you are a professional artist, Illustrator or graphic, I'd be very happy to get your postcards printed in the printing house!

Please send your postcards in envelopes, to arrive them clean (not destroyed)on the good as new conditionэ. It is very important to me, I appreciate neatness, cleanliness, and beauty in letters and postcards. I love to collect clean postcards, not writing. Perhaps you think it strange such a desire, it's because your cards I put in frame as a picture and hung on the wall, and I don't see what you wrote there. But I would be very happy if you write about yourself on a separate sheet of paper, as the present letter)). These letters I keep separately and long winter evenings I like to read them again and again and remember you)) You can paint something beautiful in your letter, or decorate it with a beautiful image stickers. When I collect a lot of these beautiful letters, I'll send you a surprise postcard))
I also collect beautiful calendars, stickers, flyers movie, and the image on the matchbook, if she is beautiful. If you want, I'll be happy to get anything from this, as an addition to the postcard))

I accidentally found out about postcrossing November 1, 2016. And now the is really like, because I like very much since childhood, to write letters, and especially to get them and read. Very soon I will celebrate 1 year as I - Postcrosser!)))This year I have learned a lot in postcrossing Now I have my favorite topics and preferences:-

1 -all fabulous, kind, cute, nice, beautiful fantasy, magic, mistical (only bright and good):

2 -fabulous fairies, elves, gnomes, mermaids, tales, Walt Disney cartoons, starships, wizards, astronomers, astrologers, stargazers, magician, enchantress and other:

3 -Fauna - I love all the animals that are in your country, especially those listed in the red book. (Love bears Panda, polar bears, like all bears and brown too)
-The subject of cats, cats, kittens! It's my favorite animal)
-Like elephants, cows, hedgehogs, squirrels, deer, raccoons, kangaroos, lynxes, tigers, lions -all, all animals of the cat family! wolf, hares, rabbits. Or you can send any interesting animal!
-But I really really don't like bats, snakes and rats…

4 -Like all birds, without exception - especially the owl, pelican, black stork, woodpecker, various parrots, or all the usual birds that are in your country))

5 -national traditions of your people. (folklore, national costumes); the architectural features of your country:

6 - of the underwater world of turtles, fish. dolphins, whales, coral, beautiful sea shells, starfish, sea horse, very beautiful fish;

7 - family, love, romance, beautiful relationship, funny old people grandparents: Inge Look, Leonid Baranov, Catherine Borodachev

8 -flowers -- peonies, poppies, roses, daisies, cornflowers, wheat, pelargonium, geranium, flower pots, Fuschia!, crocuses, cactus, sunflowers, lilacs, lilies, chrysanthemums, bluebells, poppies. Especially the combination of poppies, daisies, cornflowers; medicinal, field and forest flowers: Catharina Klein, Yi Seong-bu

9 -garden, gardening, watering, pots with potted flowers, plants , vegetables and fruits, mushrooms and berries, tree branches with fruits, gardener - painting:

10 -drawn dolls, bears, toys, Dolls in national costumes, toys, cars, trains, childhood, bears

11 -Ballet, theater, figure skating, circus, clowns

12 -I accept all religions of the world in his soul and are not a fanatic of any of them, because I think that all religions teach us the same, only good deeds So I will be very glad to receive cards with the image Gods and Goddesses of any religion (except Orthodox), portrait of a God or Goddess all the Indian Gods (of Buddha, Krishna, Ganesha, Lakshmi and others! (such topics can be a photograph). Please do not send postcards with Orthodox religion, because these cards have me very much from childhood and a lot is in my city and country, because don't want!
like religious temples, architecture, Tibetan monasteries, mosques, the pyramids of Egypt

13 - new year and cristmas! at any time of the year love: -Jenny Nyström

14. Hand drawn transport -planes, trains, trams, ships, vintage cars, carriages, horse-drawn vehicles.

15.Drawing your cities, towns and and castles, (ideally in watercolor)

16.mail, postcrossing, letters, stamps on postcards, the postman

Collect postcards by these authors:
Drawings of cats:- Kim Roberti, Yulia Koryakina, Irina Zenuk, Maria Pavlova, Irina Garmashova, Tatiana Rodionova, Ekaterina Stutz, Elena Razina, Alena Bykova, John Sloane, Oksana Zaika,
Nino Chakvetadze, Ekaterina Babok, Ekaterina Riazanova, Anna Silivonchik, Elizabeth BEM, Irina Egorova, Ekaterina Dudnik, Natalia Derevyanko, Anastasia Eremenko, Boris Kasyanov, Otto-Fradin, Elena Bazanova, Alina Dolinina, Irina Zenyuk, Tatyana Plavecka, Tatiana Rodionova, Catherine Babok, Debbie Cook, Donna Race

But such themes do not like:
- photo postcards with views of cities!
- military themes,
- retro, comics, anime, pin-up, without meaning, helouvin, food, lighthouses, sports
- portraits of people, celebrities,
- Alice and the rabbit

Вut if You can't find, I'd be happy any beautiful postcard modern painting, watercolor.

Тhank you for your patience if you managed to read through to the end!
Have a nice day and happy postcrossing!
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